Mental Tension

Tension is the root problem of all the diseases. The moment one is in tension, one loses his attention and concentration which also leads further to various physical and psychological diseases. Some of the psychological and physical diseases could be anxiety, hopelessness, anger, head ache, depression, frustration, loss of memory, loss of mind’s balance, blood clotting, high BP, palpitation, chest pain, heart attacks, chronic fatigue and even death. In today’s life the tension might be due to the deal with high tech careers, fast paced business transactions, job changes, separations, illness, divorces, death of family member, financial crisis, failure in exams, etc. In today’s fast life, the moment one gets up in the morning, his or her mind is full of tension to fulfill the jobs and commitments for the day at any cost. The result is that by night he or she is more exhausted and tense for the next day’s pressure and the circle goes on like this weaving him or her into more and more problems everyday. He or she is least bothered about himself or herself.

Types of Tension :

  • Muscular Tension : Muscular Tension is related to the body itself, the nervous system and endocrine imbalances. These are easily removed by the deep physical relaxation attained in the state of Yoga Nidra.
  • Emotional Tension : Emotional Tension arises from various emotional feelings which are sometimes more difficult to erase like love and hatred, profit and loss, success and failure, sadness and happiness. This is because we are unable to express our emotions freely and openly. Often we refuse to recognize them, so they are repressed, and the resulting tensions become more and more deeply rooted.
  • Mental Tension : Mental Tension arises due to the excessive mental activity. The mind is a whirlpool of fantasies, confusions and oscillations. Throughout our life, the experience registered by our consciousness is accumulated in the mental body. From time to time these explode, affecting our body, mind behavior and reactions. When we are sad, angry or irritated, we often attribute that condition of the mind to some superficial cause. But the underlying cause behind man’s abnormal behavior lies in the accumulated tensions on the mental plane.

Symptoms of Tension :
Some of the symptoms of tension are as follows:

  • Tension in the face, neck and back which can be quite painful.
  • Aggressive behaviors by which you tend to overreact to situation.
  • Cold, sweaty hands and disrupted breathing patterns.
  • Negative frame of mind.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased stomach acidity
  • Loss of appetite and weight
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